Artistic Expression in the Heart of Tucker!

Wheel Pottery

Master the foundations of centering and making cylinders! All skill levels are welcome.

Handbuilding Ceramics

Learn pinch, coil, and slab techniques as well as glazing and firing.


Students will learn a variety of approaches to watercolor.


Learn the drawing fundamentals of line, shape, value and form.

Tucker Rec Arts offers day and evening art courses for Adults and Teens for Handbuilding Ceramics, Wheel Pottery, Watercolor and Drawing classes. Saturday KIDS will return in Fall 2024.

Classes operate on a Quarterly schedule. Summer 2024 Classes will run 7-10 weeks. Whether you’re looking to explore a new creative hobby or develop existing artistic talents, Tucker Rec Arts instructors will guide you through the creative process. Some classes require materials to be purchased before the first class begins. Please refer to the course listing for more information about Supply Lists. LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!

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